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2015 Titles — The Best of the Rest by Popular Demand!

In a recent article, we revealed the very best titles of 2015 across the whole spectrum of consoles. Since we published this review, we have had lots of emails from frustrated gamers asking why their own personal favourite didn’t make the list. From these emails, we have put together our ‘Honourable Mentions’ list - and here it is by popular demand! Welcome to Titles of 2015 - The Best of the Rest.

Tales from the Borderlands (PS3, PS4, XO, 360, PC, iOS, Android)

2015 saw Telltale Games famously refuse to bother investing in a brand new game engine and hitting an all-time low with the much-anticipated Game of Thrones tie-in that just failed to deliver on every count. Tales from the Borderlands was a welcome break from the company’s annus horribilis, an absorbing and comical adventure that is perhaps the best thing they have ever created. Excellent writing, too.

Transformers: Devastation for PS4 (also available on PS3, PC, XO, 360)

Based almost entirely on the original (and best!) cartoon series, this sweet, innocent and gentle title from Platinum Games had us all gripping our controllers with barely-suppressed maniacal rage. Chock-full of original ideas and featuring some of the cleverest, most exciting boss battles of 2015, there was no disappointment to be found here.

Life is Strange  for PS4 and for Xbox One

A surprise hit fo0r this episodic adventure title, which introduced us to the wonderful, maddening world of Max, a meek and mild time-traveller. Enthralling throughout despite some shaky dialogue, Life is Strange certainly lived up to its title.

Sunless Sea (PC)

Variously described as ‘bizarre’, ‘fascinating’ and ‘huh?’, this roguelike is set in a post-apocalyptic London which, no longer drowned in smog and beset by commuters, is now submerged underwater and populated by nightmarish creatures straight out of HP Lovecraft’s darkest imaginings. Dynamic, macabre and mesmerising.

OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood (PSV, PS4)

Despite its mouthful of a title, this 2D game featured simple, elegant controls and was a joy to play, leaving Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 dejectedly picking up its loose ball bearings and wondering where it all went wrong. Two dimensions are all you need to navigate the curiously-complex levels.

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