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3 of the Best Playstation VR Demos Revealed..

Virtual Reality. These are the two words on every gamer’s lips right now as news continues to reach us about the launch of Sony Playstation VR in October. A recent exclusive press event saw representatives from Sony, along with several software developers, offer an opportunity to experience products in development - here are three of the best.

Social VR - one of the first games to be showcased, this plunges you straight into a beautiful and engaging world of beaches and mountains. Players explore the world, meeting and interacting with each other in games, chat and (our favourite part!) attend a party where the old-fashioned hand-jive is brought right up to date. You don’t have to stay on the ground - just bounce off a beach ball to the edge of space and freefall safely back down again. Do not try this in actual reality!

RIGS Mechanised Combat League - those who like their gaming experience to be a bit less cutesy will be mesmerised by this title, which throws subtlety right out of the window and puts you at the centre of a melée of robot soldiers and machines in a bizarre game of murderous basketball. When it comes to making sure that the other players are completely sure who is the boss, a standard Playstation controller lets you fire lasers, bullets and cannonballs to help you smash them out of the way and get the basket - by the way, YOU are the ball…

Playroom VR - everyone wants to be Godzilla for the day (or is that just us?) and this demo puts you right in his oversized claws. As a giant dinosaur-type creature, you get to take out all of that inner aggression on skyscrapers filled with panicking little robots - don’t be lulled into a false sense of security though as the robots eventually start to organise themselves and fight back...

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