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Are YOU Ready For The Launch Of VR?!

2016 is set to be the year that Virtual Reality really starts to make waves in the world of gaming. There are several VR systems in the pipeline but perhaps the most talked-about is Sony’s take on the idea, which will be hitting the shelves soon. A string of titles are already set up for the launch of the headset - are YOU ready for VR?

We certainly are here at GameXchange! To get you up to speed, here are five essential facts about Sony’s journey into the virtual world..

  • The Playstation VR headset condenses a 1920x1080 display in a 5.7 inch form factor, made easily viewable with an impressive 100-degree vision field. The screen refresh rate doubles that of an ordinary pc monitor at 120Hz to make sure images appear extremely smooth

  • The PS4 will be used to drive the PS VR system and connecting the two is done through a simple box that features an optional HDMI to allow other people to experience what the player is seeing. The AND processor that gives the PS4 its power is fully geared up for 3D

  • The VR system is to be priced ‘as a new gaming platform’ according to Andrew House, CEO of Sony Entertainment. This means it could get pricey if you have to get the PS4 as well so coming to GameXchange is a very good idea to help you save money!

  • The device will enable players to play along with people who don’t yet have a headset, increasing its appeal. This is thanks to the direct HDMI output integral to the headset

  • Games in development for Playstation VR include Modern Zombie Taxi Co., Psychonauts 2 and Eagle Flight. Several current titles, including Drive Club, Final Fantasy XIV and Project CARS, will support VR as well.

Everyone at GameXchange is looking forward to the launch which, if all goes according to plan, should take place in October of this year, but already available for preorder. As with all other games consoles and titles, we will be offering the very best trade in values around, allowing you to keep your collection fresh at a fraction of the price that you would pay anywhere else.

The virtual world is literally limitless and the technology to explore it is within our grasp. Get ready for a completely new experience in gaming and let GameXchange help you on your way.