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Here it is - your final chance to see if your own personal favourite title of 2015 made it onto our definitive Best of the Rest List. If it did, then it’s good times because you know you were right all along. If not, then it’s still good times because you know you’re right anyway - nobody gets a good gamer (or their pet game!) down for long. Whether our list makes you angry, amazed or amused, rest assured that every title on it (and a lot more besides) will attract the very best game trade in value with GameXchange so buy, trade, sell and save your way to your own personal top 20 titles - starting today.

Skylanders SuperChargers (iOS, 3DS, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, 360, XO)

Available pretty much right across the spectrum of consoles and devices, this title was guaranteed a big audience and so perhaps didn’t have to try that hard. The developer thankfully avoided this easy route and delivered an insanely-inventive action/­adventure that lost none of its adult appeal by being all about toys-come-to-life.

Rise of the Tomb Raider for XO and Xbox 360

Lara’s back! Wait, did she ever go away? Everything is better again, especially the puzzle/combat balance that was more than a bit askew in the last revamp. A title that showed up Assassin’s Creed and its contemporaries as mere playground bullies in the presence of a strict, unbending headmistress.

Ori and the Blind Forest for XO and PC

Just beautiful. Two dimensions of sheer visual delight is all you need in this platformer - the emotional involvement experienced by players of this exciting and innovative game is matched only by the size and variety of the challenges presented.

Fallout 4 (PC, PS4, XO)

Not the game of the year!? Sadly, no, even though great things were predicted prior to its release. Somewhat unambitious for a sequel, with gameplay and graphics not really adding much to the previous incarnations. Add to this some clumsy and unfocused storytelling and you might be wondering why this game made it to our list at all! It’s because Fallout 3 was pretty damn good - and this title, though not better, is definitely as good.

The Escapists (PC, XO, PS4)

If you’re old enough (or cool and retro enough) to remember The Great Escape and Skool Daze, then The Escapists will be a pleasant nostalgic experience shot through with pure contemporary thrill. A prison escape drama of epic proportions (tie-ins with The Walking Dead, maps of real-life Alcatraz), this title took improvisation to a different, unchartered level.

There you have it, our unofficial Best of the Rest Guide to 2015. Want one of these games desperately? Can’t wait to get rid of it? Check out our latest values for trade in games  and call us if you can't see what you want!