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Buying Funko POP for Cash - Its that time again!

POP Pause - It’s that time again!

As regular customers may know we sometimes have to stop taking in Funko POP’s as our warehouse reaches capacity and we get behind on adding new arrivals to our system!

In just the last week we received over 150 large boxes of POPs. We currently have over 500 POPs to add to our system and over 1000 new releases to add to our site..

Therefore in order to preserve the customer experience we have decided to suspend Funko POP cash purchases.

We look forward to accepting Funko POPs for Cash again before the end of summer.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

And remember..

  • You can still trade Funko POPs for GameXchange credit to spend on games or POPs through our site
  • You can still sell your Games and Consoles for Cash.
  • It's just until we catch up/clear room.
  • Afterwards we will still be the best place to sell your POPs online.