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Does That Voice Sound Familiar?!

In almost all video games, there is at least some reliance on a storyline - this is what gives us a reason to bother playing in the first place. Even when the game is simple, we need to know why our character is doing what they’re doing and one of the best ways to bring life to the bare bones of the story is with sound, particularly voice. We can often get so caught up in the story that, if the voiceover artist is good at their job, we don't even recognise what should really be a very familiar voice after all…

We have been doing a little digging and have found three actors who were voiceover artists for video games - let us know if any of them are as surprising for you as they were for us!

Game - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Character - Truck

Voiceover Artist - Idris Elba

A loyal friend to Frost and Sandman, Truck came across as James Bond on steroids for much of the game. The developers didn’t miss out on the chance to take advantage of Elba’s stunning acting talent, however, putting his character right in the middle of some of the game’s most poignant, heartfelt scenes.

Game - Rage

Character - Dan Hagar

Voiceover Artist - John Goodman

Rage was something of a cult hit and Goodman’s acting prowess must surely take some of the credit for its underground success. Developers wanted a better version of Walter in The Big Lebowski and they certainly got it from Goodman.

Game - Fable 3

Character - Barry Hatch

Voiceover Artist - Jonathan Ross

Yes it was our beloved Wossie’s dulcet tones you heard when you met the unforgettable character of Barry. He isn’t the only celebrity we could have singled out as this game was choc-a-bloc with them: John Cleese, Simon Pegg, Michael Fassbender, Ben Kingsley, Jason Manford and the inimitable Stephen Fry also exercised their vocal cords for the third in the series of Fable.

Whose voice would YOU like to hear as a character in a video game, and who would that character be? We want YOUR ideas so get your gaming caps on (not that you ever take them off!) and let us know!