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GameXchange Payment and Order Delays

GameXchange - Statement of Intent

First of all we at GameXchange would like to formally apologise to all customers who have been affected by delays in order fulfilment or cash payment.   Secondly our intention has always been to get all our customers paid as promised.

Until recently (and for more than ten years) we have been justly proud of our service and the value for money which was reflected in our feedback and customer reviews.


Unfortunately after two or three severe financial shocks over 2017 the company has struggled to recover.   We attempted (and mostly succeeded) to limit the affects to none customers.   However towards the end of the year (and again in March 2018) we actually had several weeks with no income at all.   This has, of course, left us in a very difficult position and there have been several weeks without any of us getting paid or our customers receiving payments.

This has understandably led to several negative reviews which have then reduced the number of trade-ins we receive which in turn limits our income and thereafter directly influences how fast we can get caught up with our payments..


During this time all of us at GameXchangecouk Ltd have all been going without proper pay and have been tempted to close down BUT that would mean NO customers getting their money.

However we have been determined to keep going and get everyone paid.

During this period we have temporarily removed the Cash Queue Jump Feature and all New Stock from the website (including Digital Products) things.

These changes and several cost cutting measures have started to have an affect and the situation has now begun to stabilise.

We can now confirm…

  1. Any historical Cash Sales made using the Cash Queue Jump feature will be paid up by the end of next week.
  2. All cash trades processed after the 1st May and going forward will be paid within the 20 working day deadline stated on our FAQ.
  3. All cash trades from before this period will be paid gradually as trade normalises with priority given to those customers who have waited longest or have the most due.
  4. Any outstanding orders for New/Digital items will be re-credited to the customers GameXchange account so the funds can be spent onsite now or when the digital products are re-added to the site.

Please bear in mind that we are trying our best to fix this with our wages often unpaid or delayed, personal bills unpaid and sleep lost.

We realise that many of you will be very disappointed not to have received expected goods or money, but we are endeavouring to resolve outstanding issues as quickly as possible.  

Whilst you are well within your rights to start Small Claims Court action, we respectfully request that you bear with us and give us the time we need to resolve your complaint.   Sadly, any Court action may only compound our issues, increasing costs and payment times without guaranteeing a pay-out (or costs returned). 

Until we have largely caught up with these payments all Digital Products and the Cash Queue Jump Feature will remain disabled.

Please be aware that we are in communication with Trading Standards who are aware of our efforts and the contents of this statement.

Finally I would ask for your continued forbearance, understanding and patience during this difficult time.


Sincere Regards

From Everyone at GameXchange