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Gran Turismo Sport - New Details

New Updates and Release Date for the Latest Gran Turismo

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Major innovations in store for Gran Turismo Sport, the likes of which have not been seen since the original

In 1997, Gran Turismo (GT) introduced to the world the ability to realistically recreate automobiles in 3D CG and allow gamers to virtually experience them on their home consoles. Since then, the GT series has recorded a total of 76.74 million copies (*), breaking records and winning awards on the way. On 18 November, the makers of GT will take the title to the next level with the release of Gran Turismo Sport for the PlayStation®4 system, where it will promote the rebirth of motorsports with its partnership with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). *As of March 2016


The latest road vehicles from around the world

You might think that from its name that Gran Turismo Sport is dedicated to competition models, but there are plenty of exciting production vehicles in the mix to cater to all driving enthusiasts.

Each vehicle has been recreated in remarkable detail, from the internal structure of the headlights to the gaps between the body panels and the stitching of the seats. We have strived to instil the passion of the car designers themselves who brought these cars to life from the sketch pad.

The full lineup consists of 140 vehicles, including original cars. The following four are the ones we would like to spotlight.


An Enthusiast’s Dream with a touch of fantasy: original models only found in Gran Turismo

Original models only found in Gran Turismo

The racecars featured in Gran Turismo Sport are classified into categories based on real-world motorsports and tweaked to provide equal conditions during competition.

For example, Group 3 is based on the real-world GT3 class, which includes FIA-approved machines such as the Audi R8 LMS, McLaren 650S and Renault Sport R.S. 01 GT3. It also includes cars like the Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo, Subaru WRX and the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7 that have all been customised by Gran Turismo to meet GT3 specifications. This allows race fans who've always wanted to see GT3 versions of their favourite cars compete with others on the track.

In modifying these machines, actual vehicle regulations were taken into account, including everything from the wing and front spoilers to the steering wheel and instrument panel.


A variety of new tracks, including the “Tokyo Expressway,” will debut in GT Sport

Building on the popularity of the many racetracks featured in previous Gran Turismo titles, including the Nürburgring Nordschleife (North Loop), there will be a number of new tracks in Gran Turismo Sport appearing in the series for the first time ever. These include the legendary “Tokyo Expressway” and the half-mile oval dubbed the “Northern Isle Speedway.”

The list below highlights six of the 19 tracks (and 27 layouts) that will be featured in Gran Turismo Sport.

Tokyo Expressway (New track)

This highly-anticipated track, made in the image of Tokyo’s urban Expressway, recreates the looped central highway that was built during the economic growth of Japan. It weaves through skyscrapers and is bordered by tall concrete walls on both sides. There are plenty of elevation changes, and the driving environment can change from light to dark in an instant, thanks to the course’s variety of tunnels. If you like challenging drives, then this track is for you.

Northern Isle Speedway (New track)

The half-mile short oval (approx. 900 metres) is popular in American motorsports, and it appears for the first time in Gran Turismo. The width of the track is 16 metres wide and has banks set at a 31-degree angle, which provides for exciting racing, allowing cars to go two or three wide at a time.

Dirt Track (New track)

From the Rocky Mountains to the Mexican border, the Dirt Track treats you to the beauty of America’s Midwest. The path winds its way through cactus fields and desert shrubbery, over sand and rocks. Also, with a number of elevation changes throughout the long track and the slick driving surface, it’s sure to represent a fun challenge for even the serious off-roader.

Brands Hatch

This track, located in Kent, UK, was once a Formula 1 stop, but now it serves as a home to touring car races and the British F3 championship. The path winds through a small forest and features extreme elevation changes, but the corners are fairly straigh­tforward, making it enjoyable for both beginners and experts. In addition to the full GP course, there is also a shorter Indy layout.

Nürburgring Nordschleife

The Nürburgring serves as a test-bed for the world’s automobile companies, as well as arguably the most exciting endurance races, some of which we at Gran Turismo have been a part of. The data we have collected there have been vital in the development of the game. The 20-km long track has extreme elevation changes, with the difference between its highest point to lowest measuring an astounding 300 metres. Also, there’s a variety of driving surfaces, making it one of the most difficult courses in the world. The track has been recreated using the latest technology, allowing you to experience the rich green of the Eifel region, the strong rays of sunlight and the grain of the asphalt like never before.

Willow Springs Raceway, Big Willow

A popular American circuit that has a rich history of more than 60 years, Big Willow has hosted CART and other high-profile racing series. Today, it serves as the home to numerous amateur contests and a high-speed test track for race teams and car companies. The layout is fairly straigh­tforward, but because of the high-speed nature of the track, a small mistake often proves costly.


Real ≠ Difficult

Real physics makes it easier to drive

Do you feel that driving a simulator is difficult, more difficult than driving a real-life car? Well, your opinion is about to change because we refined our physics to offer a better sense of control that honestly conveys the player’s input.

In the same way you drive a real car, you will be able to control the vehicle represented in the game with increased depth to the controls. While it’s based on the principles of the very first Gran Turismo, the new physics engine has evolved significantly, making it suited for beginners and experts alike.

The joy of improving and advancing for everyone

The Campaign Mode of Gran Turismo Sport is a large scale offline content that provides a hands-on experience to allow even beginners to learn driving skills from scratch. They will eventually improve to a level where they can participate in major race events.

Beginner’s School

From basic skills such as hitting the brakes and how to turn into a corner, fundamentals can be learned from the bottom up, which will prove invaluable for newcomers to driving games.

Mission Challenge

As you work your way through short missions, you will automatically pick up fundamental driving skills without even realising it. In the end, you will have a level of skill that will allow you to participate in major race events.

Circuit Experience

Through actual experience on a race track, you will step into the true world of high-performance driving. Use the knowledge of track layouts learned in the mission challenges to pick up the basics of how to conquer a race track.

Race Etiquette

In online, as well as real races, etiquette on the track is as important as performance. Learn the rules of etiquette and sportsmanship that’s required in all player-vs-player races. Even if you’re not a top driver with lots of confidence in your skills, you will still have plenty of fun because each player will be matched fairly with people of their own level for fair and equal online racing.


Feel the Light in the Graphics

Car Modelling

The game and rendering engines from the original Gran Turismo have evolved to another level, one that will allow the user to “feel the rich lighting” of the graphics.

If you study the car modelling carefully, you’ll notice that Gran Turismo’s quality goes so far as to measure the brightness of the car’s lights. We’ve also analysed the paint layer structure with samples of real body paint to get the right hues, and even recreate the stitching of the fabric in the seats, all in order to reproduce the true character of a car.


Huge strides have also been made in landscape expressions. See each and every leaf on a tree as it sways in the wind. Weather, time and the age of the tree are considered when reproducing it in the game, right down to its bark. Even the asphalt possesses unique characters, regarding its size, grain and distribution of the asphalt surface. Thanks to advanced data capturing and the perceptional talents of the artists, Gran Turismo approaches landscape reproduction from every aspect.

While you may not notice the level of detail in the cars and tracks while driving in normal gameplay, you will see it in replays and in Photo Mode where you can study the images up close.