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One More Week of 10% Extra Value Trade Ins!

Ok, ok - we give in! Our March Madness promotion has been such a success that we have had lots of emails from you asking us for just one more week and our inbox is getting a bit out of hand so, by popular demand, we have extended the 10% extra trade in value deal with another week - this time, we are focusing on the best of the rest. Read on to find out more..

Regular visitors to GameXchange will know that we offer the very best value when you trade in games with us - why bother with a journey to a high-street store just to leave disappointed? With our March Madness 10% extra value game trade ins, the deal is even sweeter and it applies to cash sales as well, though trading is the better option for you. We deal in almost every brand and model of console you can imagine - you can even get rid of your old DVDs to build up your balance!

For the last week of our promotion, we are going to be offering 10% extra value on trade ins/cash sales of retro Sega games and consoles, PC games and DVD/Blu-Ray discs. Start digging out your stuff now because the deal starts on 24th March and runs until 31st March inclusive! You could buy, sell or trade:

Along the Moselle Valley (PC)

This is one of our top pre-orders for PC and is sumptuously designed from start to finish. Drive a variety of locomotives around over 240km of detailed, faithfully reproduced track complete with overhead power cables, stations and scenery. An absorbing game designed to let you take control of some of the most powerful trains in some of the most beautiful landscapes the planet has to offer.

Harry Potter Box Set (Blu-Ray, DVD)

Here it is, in one neat, tidy and exclusive package - the entire set of seven films brought together for your viewing pleasure. Or maybe not!? If you have seen them all too many times then trade in the set or, if you have managed to avoid the bespectacled wizard-in-training so far, why not give him a try?

Sega Megadrive Games

The Megadrive is experiencing something of a renaissance and there were so many games for the.. well, game-changing console that it’s impossible to pick one here. Which was your favourite? Let us know!

Check out more titles in these sections and trade between 24th and 31st March for your 10% extra value with GameXchange.