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The Top 3 Titles of 2015 — Now Revealed HERE!

You have all been very patient and, as every good gamer knows, patience always pays off with the reward. So here it is, the long-awaited climax to our Top Titles of 2015 round-up! There has been rumbling disagreement and a whiff of mutiny in the air here at GameXchange HQ but the final top-three-placement decision now rests in the hands of your faithful writer - did your favourite title make the final cut? The answer is a mere scroll away…

3 - Nuclear Throne (PC/PSV/PS4)

2015 didn’t give us much to write home about in terms of indie titles so when this quirky, masterful and insouciant little top-down shooter/­roguelike combo sneaked quietly out it had the stage pretty much to itself. Designed, developed and produced by Vlambeer (makers of the equally quirky airplane shoot-’em-up Luftrausers), Nuclear Throne stands proud among the best of them, balancing risk perfectly with reward and treading an accurately-balanced line between elements of quiet focused strategy and manic melee action. We can’t wait to see what Vlambeer do next…

2 - Splatoon (Wii U)

Those non-believers who gave up after online shooter Splatoon’s big debut but rather shaky start (gamers were variously incensed by a lack of private lobbies, no voice chat facility, problems finding opponents online and a pitifully-small amount of available multiplayer maps on its release) are now crawling back with tail firmly between legs. Charmingly presented to make sure that you’re drawn in from the first moment, Splatoon immediately begins to reveal its seemingly-endless hidden depths - a totally unique concept, intelligent maps and thoughtful weapon design keep you playing long after bedtime.

Since we already made you wait a week for the completion of our Top Ten Titles of 2015, we won't torture you with suspense any longer. The (completely unofficial but still legally-binding) BEST GAME of 2015 is….

1 - Bloodborne (PS4)

Perhaps the best game of its current generation, there was really no contest when it came to filling the coveted #1 spot. Bloodborne is a spin-off from the hugely-successful and -influential Dark Souls series but, unlike its predecessors, has its focus set much more sharply on an action element. The attention given by the developers to every detail of both creature and map design is clearly evident in every smooth, beautiful and perfectly-rendered frame - players of this exquisitely-crafted game need to have every neuron firing on full to meet the challenges that just keep on coming. The reward for your epic perseverance? Play it and find out.

What are YOUR thoughts? We would love to hear from you so please email us and tell us what titles made your 2015 a good year for gaming. Check out our latest game trade in offers and start saving for your own personal Top Title of 2015.