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TPD Guarantee


TPD Value Guarantee

For those of you that use The POP Directory (TPD) app we guarantee to give a MINIMUM 60% of TPD Value in trade for POPs (cash values will vary).

This is before any of our bonus codes such as NHS, Blue Light and Defence Discount are added so value paid can raise up to 72%.

With over 13,000 POPs currently listed we cannot adjust all values every day as the TPD values can change with every eBay sale. If you note a POP which does not have a cash value of at least 50% TPD please let us know and we guarantee to adjust that for you.

If there hasn't been any recent eBay sales of this POP in the UK the TPD values may not be accurate. If you feel that our prices are not correct for this reason (ie very rare Grails) then please let us know.

*Our usual T&C apply so items that are fake, different than what were quoted for or with box damage will be rejected/have their value reduced.

Note: Any rejected items can be returned (at customers request). GameXchange decisions are final. 

For anyone who feels that 60% is too low I would agree that selling POPs individually yourself can make more money but please bear in mind that the TPD value includes P&P (usually £3-£5) and UK eBay fees (often 15-20%). With cheaper POPs that can mean 50% of TPD value is actually less than what is left once sold. In addition it can obviously take many months for certain POPs to sell. 

Please note that we are not officially affiliated with TPD.