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Trade in Games in 5 Simple Steps with GameXchange!

As well as offering you a far better value than anywhere else when you trade in games, our dedicated and independent service has got the edge on big high-street names when it comes to convenience too. From the comfort of your chair, you can use our game trade in service to quickly turn your old unwanted games, DVDs and Apple devices into credit to spend on anything you see on our website.

Why bother with a trip to Grainger or Game to be offered an unfair value when you trade in games? Save yourself the time, hassle and money by following our five simple steps!

  1. First, locate the product you want to trade in by typing keywords into the search box. If you have the facility, you can also scan the barcode of a game, DVD or Blu-Ray disc.

  2. When you see the attractive, currently-valid trade in value, you will be rushing to click on the ‘Trade In’ button and add the item to your basket! Before you do, take a moment to let us know its condition in the drop-down box. Got more than one item to trade? Simply go back to step one and repeat.

  3. Once you’re done, click on the orange Basket (Towards the top right of your display). You’ll be taken straight to the Check-in page.

  4. Enter any promo codes you have (subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to make sure you don’t miss out on these!) along with your name, address and email. You can let us know any important details here too before clicking ‘Checkout’.

  5. Now sit back and relax - our processing team will examine your item and, if everything is in order, will email you within a day of receipt to let you know your credit has been added. Spend it right away or save it up - your credit is yours to use as you wish!

You can also sell games for cash using our service but our game trade in service offers you the very best value. Dig out your old games, DVDs and Apple devices and turn them into the products you want the most with GameXchange!