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Death Jr

Death Jr
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* Combines FPS elements with third-person platform action

* Humourous heore and his trademark scythe are fun to use

* Boisterous theme - weapons include exploding hamsters

* Fun graphical feel and comic book style enemies

* Charactres soon to appear in a comic book and star in a feature length film

Death. Jr (DJ to his pals) is going to need every crazy weapon he can lay his skeletal fingers on when all hell literally breaks loose - and he is held responsible! Consequently his game becomes an all-out shooying frenzy, interspersed with challenging but fun exploration sections and puzzle solving
The misfortunes begin while DJ and his classmates are visiting the Museum of Supernatural History. DJ is pressured into opening a mysterious old box, accidently releasing a centuries old demon and its minions
While DJ depends on his trusty sycthe to defend himself, he can rely on OTT weaponry such as dual pistols, a lightening gun, and a flame thrower among many others. But most outrageous are his hamsters, loaded with C4 and sent scurrying into the fray to cause untold havoc!
Various wards of hell are accessed via portals in the museum exhibits, and they are as diabolical as you might imagine. However the game always carries a lighthearted tongue in cheek tone w=even when exploring Meat World with attractions such as How Cows Become Steaks, where DJ must cross a grill by leaping between meat products.
Death Jr is relentless, spectacular and DARK !


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