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Eledees: Adventures of Kai and Zero

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The Eledees, creatures who have the ability to supply electricity when gathered together, are once again the lifeblood of this game. Eledees: The Adventures of Kai and Zero to give it its full name, is a direct sequel to the Wii title and re-introduces two characters, Kai and Zero.

Charged with once again locating the Eledees in a mysterious realm, the two characters must work together in order to make progress through this game. Kai's Capture Gun is a vital tool used to not only bag the Eledees once they are located, but also manipulate the environment and aid progress through tough levels.

In addition to locating the various Eledees to power devices, players are also challenged with locating a new species of 'Omega' Eledees, who boast a wider range of abilities and act as side-kicks who accompany Kai and Zero through the vast stages. As the game progresses, 'Omega' Eledees capable of locating hidden areas, freezing water, and illuminating dark areas must be found and put to good use to progress to later stages.

The DS game also extends the multi-player elements of the Wii title, with the Nintendo DS Wi-Fi service allowing players to compete head-to-head, or in four-player battles to round up the errant power sources. Extra Eledees and movies will also be available for users to download through the W-Fi connection.


* DS sequel created especially for the handheld machine
* Easy to pick up controls
* Tough gameplay elements ? teamwork essential
* Multiplayer support for up to four players
* New, more powerful ?Omega? Eledees must be found!


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