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Living World Racing

Living World Racing
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Rating: 5.0
3rd March 2017, 21:45:00
After playing this masterpiece I have achieved nirvana. Words cannot describe the emotions I am experiencing at this very moment. This is the best racing game ever made! Beautiful gameplay, stunning graphics. From the effects to the possibilities. Flawless!
You start with a selection of the thougness. This is perfectly figured into human minds to make it as enjoyable as possible.
The character selection menu is goregous! You can choose between rodents; a rabbit, a dwarf rabbit, a hamster, a guinea pig, a chinchilla, a weasle and a mouse. The dwarf rabbit, rabbit, and 'Mr. Weasle' can't be played at the beginning and must be unlocked. How to do this:
Playing one out of four levels: A short normal level. Perfect racing environment and all levels look realisticly adventurous. A level with a funfair and sunflower monocultural environment. A dangerous desert which EVEN includes sandstorm/­whirlwinds. It almost gave me a hearth attack. The realism. After playing it 792 hours It's still a new adventure at every level I play. Even the realism is sometimes too much for me. When playing this video racing game, my brain works 100%. Only god can create such beauty. There will NEVER be a game that has this experience and graphics. The game is more realistic than life. I gave up my job as a surgeon to dedicate myself and pledge my soul all to Living World.
There can be choosed from different game types. Beating normal levels against your perfect opponents. A timed gamemode, which is very satis­fac­ti­onfull for experienced players like me. There even exist Championships. Beating these will. Allow the player to unlock specialties such as secret harder gamemodes. The makers (god) thought about everything. I can now touch the universe with the tip of my finger.
After I've played the game for six hours each day (of course) I cry myself to sleep. Not from pain or depression, but from pure happiness! I am thinking about how beaitofil life can be. The satisfaction I have while playing this game is immense. This game helped me over my depression.
Since I am playing this game the average welfare of my country has raised by 2.4%!
Heaven does exist and this game is proof of that.
I have found my destiny and I am sure you will too.
Finally I can die in peace, and be with the lord, and continue to play this game with him forever, until the universe will decay and fall under it's own sipping energy arsenal.

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