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SOCOM US Navy Seals: Tactical Strike

SOCOM US Navy Seals: Tactical Strike
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In SOCOM Tactical Strike the player must demonstrate the ability to command some of the most deadly special forces soldiers in the world, taking control of a four man military unit, not just a single soldier. This is NOT a first person shooter game. Tactics have always been a vital part of SOCOM gameplay: this absorbing strategic title allows the player to take this to new levels of depth and authenticity. Issuing orders via the unique, intuitive game interface, you control four soldiers, grouped into two smaller fire teams. You can issue orders to individual soldiers, a two man fire team, or all 4 soldiers simultaneously, allowing a wide range of tactics. You are not merely a commander sending his troops to various points of the mission. Your squad operates as one - and moves as one.
Undertaking a mission, you first issue orders to for your soldiers to position themselves in the appropriate places and ensure fire discipline (e.g. fire at will, hold fire). Then, in the Execution phase, the action begins and you must issue orders to react to the constantly changing battlefield! Has the enemy called in extra soldiers? Has the enemy got use of a gun you didn't see? Has the enemy heard you whilst you were making preparations? The soldiers under your command are special forces, and therefore react intelligently to commands - therefore replicating the way real soldiers would behave under your orders in the battlefield.
The SOCOM brand is well known in gaming circles and has seen games on PS2 and PSP. These games were, however, first person shooting games which involved a certain level of squad control (issuing basic commands to fellow soldiers). SOCOM Tactical Strike is a different experience.

* Your chance to enter the world of authentic, real-time strategy, special operations insertion.

* Players play as the entire team, not as an individual soldier.

* Real world single player campaign includes 9 non-linear missions through urban, industrial and jungle terrains within Panama.

* True special forces doctrine and tactics! Including positional/­situational awareness, preparation, coordination, planning and direction, field tactics and execution.

* The team moves and reacts like trained Special Forces, including the innate expertise to execute tactical strategies.

* Environments degrade through combat - further enhancing realistic feel.

* Command Equity and Local Influence return from past SOCOM titles and provide the ability to buy additional weapons and gear.

* Command Equity is earned through combat and the correct application of Combat Doctrine. Local Influence is the effect of Special Forces Units on the local population.

* Battle through a full featured online experience, including 2-4 players with headset support, clans, friends' lists, message boards, ladders, tournaments and more. Unlockable content also available.

* All equipment is customizable, but encumbrance (weight of loadout) continues to play a role. The fireteam will move at the speed of the slowest SEAL.


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