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World In Conflict: Soviet Assault

World In Conflict: Soviet Assault
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World in Conflict: Soviet Assault is a true genre-bender - merging elements of strategy, first-person-shooter and action games - that effectively carves out a new "Action-Strategy" genre in gaming - a genre that has proven to appeal to all kinds of video game players, from action junkies to first-person-shooter enthusiasts to strategy purists.


* More of the Best Award-Winning Gameplay: World in Conflict: Soviet Assault contains all of the award-winning content from 2007's World in Conflict PC game, as well as all new single-player and multiplayer action.
* Optimized For The Console Audience: World in Conflict: Soviet Assault has been re-invented with innovative new features, content and controls ' all designed with the console gamer in mind. The game is optimized with streamlined interfaces and commands to maximize the gameplay on the Xbox 360.
* Real World Super-Powered Warfare: Unleash the authentic military arsenals of the great military superpowers, such as tanks, planes, trucks, troops and helicopters -- as well as nuclear weapons -- from the USA, Soviet Union and NATO.
* Action-Focused Gameplay: The game's unique design removes base-building, resource gathering and "tech trees" in favor of fast, hard-hitting combat that focuses on tactical decisions - much like an FPS - creating a new genre: Action-Strategy.
* Best Strategy Multiplayer on Console: World in Conflict: Soviet Assault's award-winning multiplayer modes will support head-to-head and team-based battles in Domination, Tug-of-War and Assault.
* Player Roles: Players will play as Infantry, Armor, Support, or Air specialists; multiplayer teams will need to master each role for maximum effectiveness.
* Bleeding-Edge Graphics: The latest version of Massive's proprietary Masstech engine features advanced lighting and physics, and allows for free 3D camera control.
* Complete Destruc­ti­bility: As the battle rages, the world environment pays the price as every object - houses, trees and more -- crumbles under the force of war.
* Accessibility: World in Conflict: Soviet Assault's design, control scheme and free 3D camera make its action-strategy gameplay accessible to traditional strategy fans as well as fans of other genres, like action and FPS, who are looking for something new.

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