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Vintage, Rare & Pricey — Meet the Record Breakers

Charts and ratings are a big part of how we understand the success (or not) of many things and gaming is one of them. From top ten bests and worsts to detailed reviews of particular titles, we always want to know just what’s hot and what’s now, both standing alone and in comparison to others. So we thought we’d take that to its logical extreme and do some research to find out the biggest, the best, the baddest and the boldest - the record-breakers!

Breaking world records isn't the easiest thing to do and that’s why neither your name or mine is going to be found in the pages of that publication anytime soon. But there are lots of (utterly bonkers) people who are doing it every day and you can find a whole lot of strange stuff you never even thought might exist in the good old Guinness Records book - here’s three of the best records it had to reveal about computer games and the army of fans they have consistently attracted since the start.

  • Speaking of the start, it was 1972 that saw the World’s First Commercially-Successful Arcade Computer Game, with the introduction of ‘Pong’. The game, laughable now in terms of graphics, functionality and everything else besides, nevertheless paved the way for a generation of new technology to follow

  • What’s the best trade in value you’ve ever got for a game? Even if you traded with us, guaranteeing you the best price, it still couldn’t have come close to the £125,000 price tag attached to the World’s Most Expensive Computer Game. For your money, you got a copy of Codemasters’ GRID 2 along with an actual BAC supercar from the game. A day at the BAC factory was also included to customise the vehicle and try branded helmet and jumpsuit out for size before driving away wearing it!

  • SNK’s Kizuna Encounter for the Neo-Geo - European PAL version - is the World’s Rarest Fighting Game and only five copies are known to exist for certain. The cartridge will easily command figures of around £7,000 though don't get excited if you think you have a copy - it is probably NTSC and these are much more common

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