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Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects

Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects
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Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects pushes the thrill to bigger heights by immersing the player in the post apocalyptic world of mutants!
The game allows players to feel the adrenaline rush of creating, controlling, customizing and battling with their very own fierce Mutant Insect.
Show your mastery in defeating your enemies during real-time combat sessions and develop your mutant’s strengths and abilities to challenge your friends into duals or tournaments.

In a far distant future, a gigantic asteroid went out of orbit and collided with Earth.
This terrible catastrophe left only ruins in its wake, forever changing Earth’s landscape... and its inhabitants.
Insects, the most adaptable form of life on Earth, have mutated to transform into massive giants and became the new rulers of the planet.
As one of 4 mutated Insects, travel through the barely recognizable lands while battling gigantic enemies to find the source of the mutation.
Your goal? Become the strongest mutant insect on the planet and survive in the chaos!

Key Features

• 4 totally distinct Mutants are available to the player: Scorpion, Mantis, Spider and Flying Ant (unlockable character)
o The scorpions, massive figures within their rock and molten lava armor.
o The mantises, covered with sharpened blades of bamboo branches.
o The Spiders, sporting huge toxic bulbs expelling poisonous fumes.
o The Flying Ants, with their rapid wings and razor-sharp icy edges.
• Player uses gems collected during exploration/­combat to upgrade colors, powers, and strength (30 colour options - 6 different powers - 3 levels of strength per body part)
• Each insect can upgrade 4 different body parts (head, spit, claws, legs) to increase their strength and resistance.
• 6 unique special powers (Fire, Ice, Poison, Regenerate, Shock and Reflect) can be attached to any insect, increasing the strategic element of combat.
• The world of COG: Mutant Insects is made of 11 maps all made of new and unique challenges.
• Explore 4 mysterious territories (Ruined City, Lava Desert, Bamboo Forest and Swamps).
• Organize duels or tournaments, with up to 4 players, and compete with your friends to see who has the most powerful mutant.


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