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Kirby: Mouse Attack

Kirby: Mouse Attack
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Lots of items see the inside of Kirby’s belly, but this time, shortcake isn’t one of them. That’s because the Squeak Squad, a conniving group of mice, stole Kirby’s shortcake along with other Dream Land treasures.

You can help retrieve Kirby’s confectionary delight! Join Kirby in a new platforming adventure that takes him through eight huge worlds. For the first time, you get a peek at what’s inside Kirby’s belly, thanks to the Nintendo DS Touch Screen, where stored items can be combined to give Kirby some serious firepower.

With more than 25 upgradeable abilities, Kirby can not only dish out damage to his enemies, he can destroy parts of the world around him as well. Players can burn obstacles, freeze water, burrow underground and more. Nobody stands between Kirby and his shortcake. Nobody!

•Inside of his belly, Kirby can store up to 5 items which can be mixed with other abilities or recovery items, using the Touch Screen. These more powerful capabilities, like Ice (which lets Kirby freeze water or cool hot items) or Animal (which gives Kirby long claws for digging), affect the environment as well as his opponents. Kirby can gain more than 25 abilities in all.

•In every stage, Kirby will find some of the 120 treasure chests hidden throughout the game. The contents of these chests unlock new abilities, levels, modes and more. Can you find them all?

•What would a Kirby game be without mini-games? Players can compete against their friends and test their reaction speed in several mini-games via DS Download Play or Multi-Card Play.


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