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Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Ranger
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Pok?mon Ranger is a new type of Pok?mon game made especially for Nintendo DS. Instead of playing a Pok?mon Trainer you play a Ranger, responsible for protecting Pok?mon in the wild. Capturing Pok?mon is also handled in a whole new way; using a Capture Styler you must catch Pok?mon by quickly drawing circles around them with your stylus. Once a Pok?mon is in your possession you can call on its abilities in various ways; to clear obstacles in your path (such as using Torchic to burn through a bale of hay) or to help you capture more Pok?mon (use a Grass-type Pok?mon's Pok?-Assist ability in your Styler to create grass and slow down your target Pok?mon). But since you are a Ranger and not a Trainer, you must release each captured Pok?mon back into the wild after they help you. Instead of a Pok?dex, each Pok?mon you capture is logged in your Capture Browser, and with more than 200 Pok?mon to discover you'll have your work cut out as you work your way up the Ranger ranks. • Play as a male or female Ranger, preserving nature and protecting Pok?mon in the Fiore region. • Capture Pok?mon by quickly drawing circles around them with your stylus. • Use each Pok?mon's special abilities to clear obstacles and to help capture other Pok?mon. • Capture and interact with more than 200 of your favourite Pok?mon, and fill up your Capture Browser


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