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The Smurfs 2

The Smurfs 2
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The Smurfs 2 on DS is an interactive storybook for kids. It retells the story of Smurfs from ‘‘The Smurfs 2’’ motion picture, allowing kids to relive the story and play mini-games relating to key moments from the movie. In the game, there are three major modes; Picture Book, Mini-games, and Smurfs Figurine Collection.

Key Features

  • Picture Book
    This is the main mode of the game. Kids hold the Nintendo DS vertically, just like a book. The words are displayed on the left “page,” while the pictures and interactive elements appear on the right page. On the left side of each page, kids can listen to and read the story. On the right screen, they can interact with the Smurfs and various objects such as flowers and balloons. They then can turn the page for the next part of the story. Also, they can jump ahead to play mini games.
  • Various mini games
    Not only can you jump ahead to play the 9 mini games from the Picture book mode but you can play whatever you want to play as many times as you want in the ‘‘Mini-games’’ mode.
  • Smurf Colouring in
    You can colour in various templates just the way you would like. Choose your favourite template to colour in.
  • Match the Smurfs
    Help Papa find the Smurfs! Papa Smurf will be looking for someone, so match up as many Smurfs as you can within the time limit. Note: This game is a scored game, with difficulty settings.
  • Cake Decorating
    Pick your favourite cake, and get creative with the decorations! If you’ve used a candle to decorate, try blowing on the microphone when viewing your finished cake!
  • Smurfette Dress-Up
    Choose your favourite outfit for Smurfette and Vexy from a selection of hats, dresses, and shoes.
  • Jokey’s Gem Blast
    Various gems are wrapped up in the present box. Memorise what’s inside the box at the start of the game, and open pairs of matching gems as fast as you can. Note: This game is a scored game, with difficulty settings.
  • Clumsy Kung-Fu
    Memorise a pattern of models first and repeat them back by touching the ‘‘arrows’’ with the stylus. Note: This game is a scored game, with difficulty settings.
  • Super Storks
    Control a stork and collect as many hearts flying across the screen as you can. Note: This game is a scored game, with difficulty settings.
  • Smurfy Racing
    Cart Race VS Azrael (Non Player Character); compete with Azrael and win! You can throw obstacle items in Azrael’s lane, and vice versa. Note: This game is a scored game, with difficulty settings.
  • Smurf-a-Pult
    Launch the Smurfs with a catapult and send them as far as you can! Using objects such as a skateboard or balloon, Smurfs can travel even further. Note: This game is a scored game, with difficulty settings.
  • ‘'Find the Smurf'’
    Out of the 9 mini-games, an interval game 'Find the Smurfs' starts automatically after each one. Three Smurf figurines will be put in a barrel respectively, and they will be shuffled. Don’t be distracted – touch the barrel where the one you want to collect is! You can acquire the figurines and add them to your collection.
  • Smurfs figure collection
    After every mini-game, an interval game starts allowing the player to win a virtual figure to collect! You can rotate, move, and zoom in/out the figurines you’ve collected in the 'Find the Smurf' section. Here you will know how many figurines you have collected (10 per character).
  • Kids friendly stylus gameplay
    Since this game is targeted at a young audience, the gameplay is designed to be 'simple and fun'.


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