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Why should I buy from GameXchange.­co.­uk?

GameXchange.­co.­uk offers a vast range of new and Pre-owned videogames covering all the current formats plus a wide range of retro formats too. We offer Free UK delivery, an efficient online game trade-in service and payment by Paypal. We pride ourselves the highest level of customer service and all our games are covered by a 6 month guarantee*.

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How do I find what I'm looking for?

Often the easiest way to find what you're looking for is to search for it. The ‘Search’ box is at the top of every page, next to the GameXchange logo.

Simply type what you are looking for into the box and click ‘Search’. If you don’t find what you want straight away, here are a few tips:

Best results are often obtained if you enter just one or two key words from the title of the item you are looking for. Try using the least common words. (Don’t use words like ‘the’, ‘and’, ‘a’, etc. which will produce many results?)

Adding punctuation is not necessary when searching. The GameXchange.­co.­uk search engine will reveal the same results ‘proper punctuation’ or not.

Try a different search category.

As well as the more obvious platforms, best sellers and top pre-orders etc you can choose to browse the site. The main areas of the site are shown at the top of every page in the navigation bar, under the Home tab; simply click the tabs to move between different formats.

You can choose to browse prior to, or after choosing a format, you can then choose a more specific category by clicking one of the options in the ‘Browse Games’ section on the left of every page. For example, you can narrow down your browse criteria in Xbox 360 by choosing ‘Adventure, ‘­Driving/­Racing’ or ‘Peripherals’ – it’s up to you!

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How do I make a purchase?

Making a purchase at GameXchange.­co.­uk is quick, easy and secure.

When you find an item you want to purchase, click the ‘Buy’ button. The item will be added to your ‘Shopping Basket’ this is found on the left of the page, below the ‘Search’ box.

When you are ready finalise your order, click the ‘Checkout’ button in the Shopping Basket.

You will be asked to register or sign in.

You will be offered the chance to choose priority shipping for just £2.50.

You will be offered the chance to use all or part of their customer balance from trade-ins­/returns (if any).

You will be offered the chance to use any promotional discount codes you have.

Once you have checked these details and clicked ‘Confirm’ you will have completed your purchase.

Please be aware that your first purchase can only be shipped to your billing address (if using card/paypal payment). If another address is submitted it is likely your order will be held/rejected by our security filters.

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How much is postage and packing?

Standard First Class delivery for games is completely free to UK customers. Using this method your order should arrive within 2-5 days.

You can choose priority same day shipping (if before 2pm on a standard working day) for just £2.50 which should get your order to you in 1-3 days.

Some larger items may attract a delivery fee, please check your order details before checking out.

For non UK customers post and packing costs may vary, please contact customer services for details.

None standard weight/size items may incure additional costs please contact customer services for details.

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How long will the game I ordered take to arrive?

Using Free Standard First Class delivery your order should arrive within 2-5 days (Sundays and Bank Holidays excluded). 

Using priority same day shipping (if before 2pm on a standard working day) your order should arrive in 1-3 days.

Guaranteed Next day delivery is available for just £4.99 (additional costs may apply for non game items). Payment must be received before 2pm to guarantee delivery the following day. Orders Monday to Thursday Only.

For non UK residents delivery times may vary, but most orders arrive within 7 working days.

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I have a promotional code, how do I use it?

Simply complete your order as usual then input your promotional code during checkout and the discount will be applied (if applicable).

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I have yet to receive the game I ordered, where is it?

Delivery usually takes 1–3 working days (from date of posting), but can take slightly longer on rare occasions. If you have been waiting more than 5 working days please contact us here. We can then verify the despatch details. However we do need to wait 10 days from despatch before we are able to investigate any lost post with the Royal Mail before issuing any replacement or refund. If you believe your item has been lost, and 10 days have passed, please contact customer services here. All claims for lost in post must items must be made within 60 days of the order being dispatched.

None UK customers delivery times vary please contact customer services for details.

Please be aware the your first purchase can only be shipped to your billing address (if using card/paypal payment). If another address is submitted it is likely your order will be held/rejected by our security filters.

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I’m looking for a game for someone for a gift but don’t know what to buy, any suggestions?

There are a lot of games to choose from so if you are unsure of the particular title to order you can always purchase our gift vouchers and then they can choose whichever title they prefer from our extensive range.

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I have a scratched game that has stopped working, what can I do?

We can repair most scratches on all disc media such as PS2 games, DVDs, 360 games etc. Simply purchase a repair(s) (Search for Repair). Once you have completed your repair(s) order please use the checkout as normal and despatch your repairs to our repairs processing department along with a copy of the repairs order or a written note of the order number and your email address.

We guarantee we will remove virtually all scratches that do not reach the silver foil and will make the underside of discs look like new. However we cannot guarantee the games/­music/­data/­film will then work as especially in the case of PC games the fault may be related to something else. But you will still be charged.

The £2.99 fee is for a disc to go through the professional repair system and be posted back to the customer. It does not guarantee success if the disc is irreparable due to damage to the foil side, cracks or dents in the disc etc.

Your game will then be despatched back to you free of charge.

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How do I return the item I purchased?

Before returning any item please check your item fulfils the returns requirements detailed here We will email you a returns authorisation number along with details on how and where to send your return. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any return which does not include a returns authorisation number.

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