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Send Your Games to us without paying any postage fees*

We use the Royal Mail.  It's completely FREE, tracked, reliable, easy, secure...  and there is no waiting at home for a courier to pick-up!

You can also keep track of your trade at five stages. So you have a better idea of when to expect your payment or credit.

Just follow these simple steps to get your cash or credit.

  1. Put your trade-in or sell games online through GameXchange as normal.*
  2. Fill out the two basic package details on the Royal Mail page as directed at the end of check-out (see below) - clue it is NOT a tube :).

gxe trade label

  1. Fill in your address and order number etc.
  2. Print out the Royal Mail postage label provided to you. This label will also be sent to you by email in case you wish to print it out later. If you do not have a printer see further down.
  3. Attach the completed label to your package.
  4. Take your labelled package to the nearest Post Office/Sorting Office where they will scan the package onto their system and take it from you.
  5. Pay nothing but receive a receipt and Tracking Number.
  6. Leave the Post Office safe in the knowledge that your package is on it's way to our warehouse.

No Printer? No Problem.

You can simply;

  1. Take the email and your packaged item to a Post Office® branch or Royal Mail Customer Service Point (CSP). We’ll then scan the QR code and print the label for you. 
  2. Check our location finder Opens in new window.
  3. Drop off your package and go.

More details on our "No Printer" Service can be found here.


PLEASE NOTE:  Please use only one label per trade unless your trade is over £50 and over 10 items.

WEIGHT LIMIT: There is a 20kg upper limit for parcels sent using this method. In the unlikely event that your trade-in weighs more than 20kg please contact us and we will make alternative arrangements.


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